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Court Filing - Court Document Retrieval - Messenger Services

Legal Document Assistants In Sacramento And Northern California offers Mobile Professional Attorney Services. Services Include: Rush Court Filing and Court Document Retrieval In Sacramento, Placer, And Yolo County. 

Secretary Of State Filing Service. Corporation Service. Corporation Filing Service. Apostille.

Secretary of State Filing

Fast Same Day Secretary Of State Service For Corporation Filings And Apostille Certification. We Can Obtain Statement Of Information And Obtain Registered Agent Information For Any California Corporation. 

County Recorder Filing. Deed Filing. Property Search. Property Owner Search.

County Recorder Filing

We Record Documents Same Day, Upon Request, Such As Deeds And Liens Against Property. We Also Obtain Informational Copies Of Birth and Death Certificates. We Can Obtain Property Owner Information, Status, And Copies of Deeds.

Court Messenger Request

Legal Document Courier Service

1. Obtain Quote

Phone: (916) 620-2446


2. Send Documents & Request


Fax: (916) 249-4977

Mail Only By FedEx or UPS, With Tracking: 

333 University Ave. Ste. 200

Sacramento CA 95825

3. Process Payment

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What Is A Court Messenger?

           A Court Messenger often referred to as a Legal Courier is someone whose job is to transport Legal Documents from one party to another whether that party be a law firm, tenant, or your local Supreme Court. These Legal Documents can consist of many things such as:

  • Evidence
  • Eviction Forms
  • Case Appeals
  • Divorce Papers
  • Lawsuits
  • Even Restraining Orders

 Basic Court Messenger Duties:

  • Obtaining Court Documents
  • Filing Court Documents
  • Finding Court Documents:

Why Do You Need A Legal Courier?

Say you have an offensive tenant and rather not start a conflict, you may have a 9-5 job but you need to file an appeal with the court at 3pm, possibly you have sensitive information or evidence that can't be trusted with the excess of people at your local post office. A legal courier can eliminate the risks, deliver documents without confrontation, and deliver your documents well before the scheduled deadline. A legal courier eliminates the number of hands on your sensitive information. In certain cases a legal courier will even file documents with your local court as well as return copies of court documents to you. 

Pricing - Court Messenger - Legal Document Courier

Rush Same Day Service $67.50

Next Day Service $57.50

Routine Service $47.50

Yolo - Placer County - Additional $15

Legal Document Assistants



In Office Appointments, Scheduled By Appointment Only.

 "We Are Not Attorneys. We Can Not Provide Legal Advice. We Can Only Prepare Documents At The Client's Direction" 

LDA #2016-01 - Sacramento County

Legal Document Assistants

333 University Ave., Ste. 200, Sacramento, California 95825

(916) 620-2446

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