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Since 2007, we have helped prepare a variety of legal documents. Each Legal Document Assistant, LDA, has their own field, they specialize in. If we can't find an LDA, that can help you  prepare your paperwork, we have an awesome team of attorneys that can help with your case. You can schedule an appointment with a Contract Paralegal in Sacramento or Contract Paralegal in Roseville, and surrounding areas. A Legal Document Assistant in Sacramento will be there to answer all your questions and concerns. Legal Document Assistants in Sacramento County, has been helping clients for years prepare legal documents.

Trust & Professionalism

Our team consists of registered and bonded Legal Document Assistants. All your information remains confidential. We are members of CALDA, California Association of Legal Document Assistants and the BBB, Better Business Bureau. You can find more information about the Legal Document Assistant Profession from the Sacramento County Public Law Library.


If you don't need legal advice, you shouldn't have to pay for it. We are priced competitively and provide dynamic service, to all our clients. We even have payment plan programs if you need help starting the process.

Legal Document Assistance & Paralegal Services Pricing

"We are not attorneys. We can not give legal advice. We can not represent you in court. We only provide self help services at your direction." Sacramento L.D.A. 2016-01 Expiration 06/06/2018


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