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Client Testimonials

Stephanie X.

Angela Jones is the most professional legal document assistant that you will find. She is knowledgeable and a blessing to have on your side. She will listen and assist you to the best of her abilities. There's never a time that I can not get a hold of her. She works hard to get your documents file and provides excellent services. I would recommend her to anyone.

Dani S.

OMG!!!!! WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT ANGELA!!!!! She has been absolutely amazing!! I had a very sudden court date and was freaking out that I would not find anyone to get my papers served and the defendant notified in time...TWICE!! And she was able to take care of it with absolutely no problem!!!! If I could give her 10000000 STARS I WOULD!! She has literally kept contact with me 24/7 trying to make sure that everything is taken care of and always helping me calm my nerves with this court hearing. I am soooooooooo dang excited and blessed that I came across Angela's business! It would have been all bad without her that's for sure!!!!!!!

Manda A.

Excellence is an understatement for the quality of service that Legal Document Assistants provides.   I made initial contact yesterday and today Angela of Legal Document Assistants went above and beyond in getting two subpoenas served. When there was a problem, she phoned me  and when she could not reach me, she waited in that parking lot to hear from me and then went back inside and dealt with it for me.   This kind of professional service with flexibility in order to get my goal of serving the subpoenas served is rare these days. Angela is a gem.  I will recommend her to anyone who needs process server service and I myself will not look for any other service should the need rise again for me to serve documents.

Christa V.

I will recommend Angela to anyone who needs documents served.  I had a sensitive situation and needed a restraining order served quickly.  Angela had excellent, professional and compassionate service.  She was able to serve on the first attempt.  I am so relieved and happy I chose legal document assistants because Angela got it done fast!  She's great!

Carla F.

Excellent!! Look no further.. you can feel confident that the job will get done right and fast..

Minha J

I am an attorney and I hired Angela as a process server. She was prompt, thorough, extremely professional, and a pleasure to work with!  I will definitely be calling her again! She went above and beyond, and the time from calling her to the time that she served the papers was only an hour. Thank you Angela!

Frequently asked questions

What is a Legal Document Assistant? L.D.A.?

A Legal Document Assistant, L.D.A., also known as a, Legal Document Preparer, is a Paralegal that has been Registered & Bonded to assist the public to prepare legal documents without an attorney's supervision.

Do I Need An Attorney?

A Legal Document Assistant is an affordable alternative to an attorney, if you don't need legal advice and only need assistance with completing legal documents. An L.D.A. can not provide legal advice, represent you in court, or select forms for you. If you have a legal question you should always contact an attorney.

Do I Need To Hire A Process Server?

Service of Process is extremely important in any court case. It's imperative that your court documents are served properly and the proof of service forms are completed correctly. Some cases require you to hire a Registered and Bonded Process Server. 

What's the Difference Between A Paralegal and L.D.A.?

A Paralegal works under the direct supervision of an attorney. A Legal Document Assistant must first obtain a Legal Assisting Degree. After becoming a Paralegal, an L.D.A. must purchase a bond and register with the county. After becoming a Legal Document Assistant, an L.D.A., no longer needs the supervision of an attorney, to help clients prepare legal documents.

Do I Need To Get This Document Notarized?

Nobody should advise you whether or not you need to get a document you created notarized. Some legal documents require notarization. A notary can not choose which certificate you need to properly notarize a document. Some people chose to get both an Acknowledgement or Jurat to be safe. In California a Notary is prohibited from notarizing certain documents, such as an Employment I-9 Form, which an immigration consultant must notarize.

When Should I Create an Estate Plan?

You should create an Estate Plan, now. It's important for your family to know your last wishes and avoid Probate. You can create a Basic Will, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directive, and Living Trust. It's a tough topic to discuss with your loved ones but we can make this process a lot easier,by providing informational brochures and questionnaires.


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"We Are Not Attorneys. We Can Not Provide Legal Advice. We Can Only Prepare Documents At The Client's Direction" 

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